Last Chance For Loko! Devil Juice Will No Longer Be Delivered to New York Stores


On Tuesday we drank what will probably be our only Four Loko, unless we get really lucky, or unlucky, and someone who has a bucket of them or maybe a secret storehouse in Queens gives us one. Because Four Loko is effectively over. This is the last day that New York retailers will be allowed to receive shipments of the Loko.

UPI has perhaps the best quote regarding the question at the top of all of our minds, which is: Do the bodega guys drink the Loko?

Mo Alfaki, owner of the West Side Deli in New York, said the announcement of the ban was a boon for Four Loko sales.

“People are coming in, they are curious about the drink,” Alfaki said. “I even bought a few different flavors, but I have not drank them. I’m afraid. I hear it makes people crazy.”

Oh, it does, Alfaki. It does.