Nutmeg: Good for Flavoring Eggnog and Getting You High


Nothing says the holidays like nutmeg, that essential ingredient in pumpkin pie, eggnog, hot buttered rum, and spice cookies. And now it’s becoming a popular substitute for LSD.

ABC News is reporting that nutmeg abuse is on the rise this holiday season, and, according to the American Association of Poison Control Centers, there have already been 67 cases of nutmeg exposure in 2010.

When you’re a teenager and don’t have a drug hookup, maybe it seems like a good idea to ingest a lot of nutmeg. Until you find out how much you have to eat. The article doesn’t state how much is required to get high, and we wouldn’t know because we like our nutmeg in food, thank you very much (plus getting high is stupid, kids), but some online sleuthing seems to indicate four to five tablespoons. Four to five tablespoons! A whole pumpkin pie becomes awful if you add in over half a teaspoon. And, worse, some people are snorting the spice. Kids, is it really that hard to find real drugs?

Interestingly, nutmeg intoxication epidemics were seen in the early 1900s, and a small resurgence occurred in the mid-1960s. But what’s causing today’s rise in nutmeg abuse? The article blames the Internet, of course. People are Tweeting about it and posting stories about it on YouTube. And, now, writing about it on newspaper food blogs.