NYU Gets Memo That Students Might Be Annoying, Sends Memo in Return


NYU, apparently, feels bad about something. Direct from the Office of Community Standards and Compliance and the Office of Residential Life & Housing Services, there is this e-mail, sent today, entitled “Respecting our NYC neighbors,” which alludes to “reports of incidents in which New York University resident students have failed to embrace their inherent civic responsibility.” Knocking over garbage containers and public intoxication? Sounds like someone was Lokoed!

Herewith, the memo. Skip to graph two for the exciting stuff:

Dear Resident:

New York University prides itself as being an institution that is “in and of the city” of New York — a city that we believe is a very special place. As such, our students enjoy the unique advantages of living in a location that is a vibrant center for the arts, a crucial center for the world economy, and a cultural crossroads of the world and are afforded opportunities for internships, jobs, and educational and social experiences available that are the envy of many other college students across the nation.

In addition to the privileges of being a part of this magnificent city, we at New York University also share the responsibility of membership in what may be the heart of the city — its collection of diverse and close-knit neighborhoods. Unfortunately, in recent weeks, there have been a number of reports of incidents in which New York University resident students have failed to embrace their inherent civic responsibility. These reports have involved residence hall students engaging in excessive noise, vandalism, knocking over garbage containers, public intoxication, and other forms of disturbing and disruptive behavior in the vicinity of the residence halls. Understandably, these actions have been very alarming to the members of the communities in which these halls

Accordingly, we are writing to all residence hall students to advise them that the University will exercise affirmatively its obligation as a member of the New York City community by addressing — as a University level disciplinary action – any behavior by students that compromises our relationship with the neighborhoods in which our residence halls are located. The consequences for such actions will be immediate and may include a range of University level sanctions including, but not limited to; reassignment to a different residence hall, suspension or dismissal from University housing, significant community service, and/or suspension or dismissal from the University in accordance with the circumstances of the behavior.

We ask you to be cognizant of the behavioral choices you are making outside the classroom and to urge your friends and fellow residents to do likewise.

Thank you,

Tom Ellett – Associate Vice President for Student Affairs
Kate Baier – Senior Director for Residential Life
Thomas Grace – Director of Community Standards and Compliance

Did you knock over a garbage container? Intoxicate yourself publicly? Engage in other alarming forms of disturbing and disruptive behavior? We would like to talk to you! Also, why can’t NYU just send a memo that says, “Do us all a favor and stop acting like such assholes, you guys”? In terms of effectiveness, we foresee greater impact.