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It’s late Friday afternoon, and thus time for what it’s always time for on late Friday afternoon …

The Top 10 Fast Food Items That Don’t Totally Suck.

Where should I send my 21-year-old godson for some birthday fun?

Top Chef: “It’s like the Spice Girls and their bodyguard.”

Toloache’s Julian Medina talks about his taco triple threat, what he learned to cook growing up, and the similarities between Jewish and Mexican cooking.

Taking another look at Lupa, Mario Batali’s Roman restaurant.

The Tap Room’s Matthew MacCartney talks wine, beer cocktails, and Australian hangover cures.

A three-way Texas ranch dressing battle between Dallas BBQ, Hill Country Chicken, and SouthWestNY.

Behold: Xocolatl de David, the world’s most expensive caramels.

Taïm Mobile’s hummus sandwich and split pea soup are vegetarian delights of NYC.

Make Back Forty’s One-Pot Pozole Verde.

Can New York City make good bourbon?

Here’s the Early Word on Cocoron

… and Doug E.’s.

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