Santacon 2010 Starts Tomorrow Morning: Be There, Be Merry, Be Wasted


Santacon, everyone’s favorite Holiday-themed bar crawl, takes place tomorrow in Manhattan. Participants dress up like Santa, the elves, all of the Christmas pals, and sometimes even…Hanukkah stuff. The starting location for this year hasn’t been announced yet, but you can keep watch of Santacon’s Twitter account to find out where to go at 10 a.m. tomorrow morning.

The crawl takes place all day across multiple boroughs. Over 2,000 totally wasted Santas roaming around the streets of New York City sounds like the worst idea ever, but the organizers of Santacon have the “four fucks” to combat that:

Don’t Fuck With Kids
Don’t Fuck With Cops
Don’t Fuck With Security
Don’t Fuck With SANTA!

Attendees will still probably break all four of these and more (including open container laws) as they head from bar to bar.

This video, made by the organizers of Santacon, tells you what not to do while you’re a boozed St. Nick: