The Best Of The #FatIndieBands Hashtag


Well, “best” is probably a misnomer here, as we slept through the glory days of the #FatIndieBands hashtag, which seems to have raged all night. But it’s still going pretty strong — even M.I.A. got involved! As always, points were awarded to audacity, creativity, and how profoundly the target needed to get clowned in the first place. All and all we think people are doing great out there, it being a Friday and all. Whoever invented this,Todd Levin, we salute you.

Apparently, this guy started this thing.

Fucked Up’s frontman Damian Abraham invented his own, related hashtag.

While Stereogum’s Amrit Singh inadvertently coined his own porn name.

Now seems like a good time to mention that that new Creep/xx song is the jam.

No cow too sacred.

Our film editor is funnier than you.

And, as always, last word to the god, Larry Fitzmaurice. Honorable mentions to follow: