The Best Pepperidge Farm Cookie of All


Trust me, it’s Pirouette, that classically creme-filled rolled wafer, in a delectable chocolate hazelnut flavor that’s out of this galaxy.

Pirouettes are sort of like edible cigarettes crossed with magic wands of weight gain, and they’re great for sticking into a steaming cup of cappuccino or adorning a lovely bowl of ice cream.

But I like them best of all in and of themselves. They’re that crunchy and oozily delicious!

The can copy says it best:

“If you revel in refinement, if you delight in detail, if you entertain with a passion, then you will appreciate the elegance of Pirouette rolled wafers by Pepperidge Farm.

“Long. Slender. Graceful. A pastry-like wafer, baked to a delicate crisp, surrounds a rich, creamy chocolate, hazelnut filling.

“Perfectly balanced and absolutely delicious.”

I think I just orgasmed.