The Week in Food Blogs: The Lineup at Koreatown’s Food Gallery 32; Winter’s Best Cocktails




This week in food blogs:

Eater rounded up 10 famous New York restaurant names found outside the city.

Grub Street chatted with Bon Appétit’s new editor in chief, Adam Rapoport, who thinks he says “tasty” too much.

Midtown Lunch got excited about the lineup at the forthcoming Koreatown Food Gallery 32.

Serious Eats posted its favorite winter cocktails in the city, with plenty of food-porn-y nog and hot buttered rum shots.

The Feed got all hopped up on caffeine with a massive guide to New York’s coffee scene.

Atlantic Food noted how, with so many chef and cooking videos available online, YouTube can be better than a cookbook.

Salon Food taste-tested Wendy’s new “all-natural” french fries next to McDonald’s … guess who won?