Young Famous Person Does Legal Bong Hit, a/k/a, Miley Cyrus’s Worst Salvia Trip EVER (VIDEO)


Footage of Miley Cyrus smoking a huge bong filled with salvia, the completely legal and completely hallucinogenic herb, was released by TMZ this morning. Footage leaking = worst trip ever. Salvia is legal in California so the newly 18-year-old Cyrus doesn’t have to worry about legal action, merely mortification upon this video being released by a so-called friend. This video also signifies the beginning of salvia’s Four Loko-like rise to “worst legal product ever.” We give it a month before it’s banned all over the U.S.

You can watch the video here on TMZ, Harvey Levin doesn’t like it when you embed his videos (neither does that blond haired guy).

In the video, Miley takes a huge bong rip under the instruction of friends, holding the smoke in her lungs for perhaps under 2 seconds. She then starts her salvia trip. Users of salvia call this “getting pulled” because there is a pulling sensation, which is why her friend tells her to “lay down”). This also makes it pretty clear that Miley’s friend (the one holding the camera, presumably) is her supplier/bad influence. Miley then sees someone who looks like her boyfriend (or doesn’t) in the corner of the room and erupts in a fit of giggles, asking a question that will go down in the very important historical annals of questions asked while high: “Are you really being as weird as I think right now?”

If you’re a parent reading this, just keep the salvia secret to yourself.