Angry Birds is Taking Over the World, Including the Front Page of the New York Times


Brick Breaker is so over. This Sunday, the cover of the New York Times will feature tech writer Jenna Wortham’s take on the super-popular iPhone game Angry Birds, which she describes simply as “catapulting birds at elaborate fortresses constructed by evil pigs.” How could anyone resist? Apparently they can’t because Rovio, the Finnish company behind the game, puts daily usage at 200 million minutes per day, or according to the Times‘ conversion, “16 human-years of bird-throwing every hour.” Even Justin Bieber loves it.

Today is the game’s one year anniversary, also known as Angry Birds Day, and fans are supposedly gathering worldwide:

Rovio worked with the Web service to help organize the gatherings in New York, London, Jakarta, Budapest and dozens of other cities, but fans stepped up to lead the gatherings. Rovio says it will create Angry Birds levels for the top 10 cities that celebrate Angry Birds Day.

But perhaps the best Angry Birds obsession story comes via the mother of an 8-year-old who spent 80 hour creating a cake with “hand-shaped replicas of the game’s cranky fowl”:

“His birthday was in October, but I couldn’t finish the cake until November,” she said.

Her son loved the cake so much that “he never let us cut it,” Ms. Richardson said.

A movie or kids’ TV show is next, says the company, but Rovio should hurry before some devoted parents do it themselves.

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