Nick Brooks, Accused SoHo House Killer, Smeared in New York Post as Rich and Weird


With an arrest made in the murder of Sylvie Cachay, thereby ending the whodunit angle, the New York Post skips directly to the content of character portion of the public prosecution, skewering the suspect Nick Brooks on Sunday. Brooks, says the very first line, is “the stoner son of Oscar-winning songwriter and accused rapist Joseph Brooks,” and the rest is “booze this” and “cocaine that.” The Post relies on anonymous sources from Boulder College, where Brooks enrolled late, at the age of 21. How weird is that? “A little weird,” says one student. Let the Post paint a picture…

“He took a taxi everywhere — he refused to drive,” said a former classmate. “He dropped mad money, and kind of looked for friends the wrong way. I think people even got a little scared of him sometimes, ’cause he would really flip out.”

“Petty theft and stuff like that was definitely within his capabilities. Nick was not of good character,” said another student.

Now surely the job of the tabloids is not the same as that of the court, but you’d think the man is already at the gallows. Plus, the reveals are just not compelling: Brooks had a temper (murderer), got drunk (murderer) and his father has a “violent stutter” (murderer).

Speaking of the father, critics hated Joseph Brooks’ Broadway show, the Post notes. The very last line of the article also focuses on the father and is sure to leave a bad taste:

At the same time, the elder Brooks was luring starlets to his apartment for casting-couch sexual assaults, authorities said in June 2009, when they hit him with a 91-count indictment of rape, sexual abuse, criminal sexual act and assault.

Case closed.

Soho gal ‘killer’ threw money, drugs around in college [NYP]