AQ Kafé Now Peddling Lucia Buns for St. Lucy’s Day


Today, December 13, is Saint Lucy’s Day, the church feast day celebrated primarily throughout the Nordic countries, most notably in Sweden. Flaxen-haired girls wearing white and perching a crown of candles on their heads might be the most recognizable image of the holiday, but we’re more excited about the lussekatt, the traditional, saffron-flavored bun eaten to celebrate the holiday.

Slightly sweet and studded with raisins, the golden Lucia buns (as they’re called in English) are vaguely similar to hot cross buns but yeasty like brioche. They are the perfect breakfast or midday snack, eaten plain or slathered with butter or jam. And best of all, you don’t even have to go to Sweden to get them. The reverse-S-shaped buns are currently available at the Nordically inspired AQ Kafé (1800 Broadway, 212-462-0005) through the end of December at $2.25 apiece. Now, how do you say “yummy” in Swedish?

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