Blue Bottle Enters Phase II: Baked Goods


Last month, we dropped by “The Great Coffee Debate” at the International Culinary Center, where we learned from Blue Bottle founder James Freeman that the Williamsburg coffeehouse was in the process of building a pastry kitchen in order to turn out the kind of high-end, locavoric baked goods its California headquarters is known for. Now, it appears, the kitchen is ready.

“I’ve been hurt,” Corby Kummer, the host of the event, had said about artisanal coffee shops that sell subpar pastries. Freeman assured Kummer and the audience that baked goods were of the utmost priority at Blue Bottle.

Now, T Magazine reports that the pastry kitchen is complete and the recipes, originally made with local Bay Area ingredients, are well on their way to being converted into their New York incarnations.

And so, the biscotti regina, originally made with St. George Spirits’ absinthe, would have to be reinvented with a locally produced absinthe. (Might we suggest one of Delaware Phoenix‘s products?) The Blue Bottle stout cake will likely be made with Brooklyn Brewery’s Black Chocolate Stout instead of Magnolia Stout of Circumstance. And, of course, there’s no shortage of local chocolatiers to supply the sweet stuff.