L Train Now the Perfect Spot for Public Sex


It wouldn’t be right for us not to mention the couple caught in flagrante on the L train over the weekend. Gothamist has the original photos from a tipster. But we’ll paraphrase: Man and women get on L train bound for Bedford on Saturday. Man and woman kiss passionately. Man puts hand up/down/into girlfriend’s stockings. Expected things transpire, in an unexpected place. Normally unflappable New Yorkers are horrified.

via Gothamist:

People either looked on in shock or moved away; no one said anything. Their activity apparently arrived at a successful conclusion en route to brooklyn, and they exited the train in a daze at Bedford St….Is public sex now acceptable? Is crazy drunken behavior at any time of day now the norm? Random crazy incident?

Is this the inevitable conclusion of the MTA raising fares? Seriously, if this had been the G train we could at least make some good jokes, but…this is just gross, people. Come on! Find a bathroom in a bar, or a nice quiet street corner, for the love of God.

Let us take the time to remind you that the subway has rules. We are trapped together! So you don’t sit on the floor. You don’t look people in the eyes. And you don’t finger-fuck your girlfriend.

Then again…is this you again, Improv Everywhere?