Lil Wayne’s Twitter Confirms, Then Quickly Denies, His Apparently-Not-Happening Show Here Thursday Night



Well, folks, there was a solid 20 minutes there when Lil Wayne had us all convinced he was doing a show here with Nicki Minaj on Thursday, but he’s apparently fallen victim to some sort of Twitter hack — a lot of that going around today.

The show-info link Wayne initially Tweeted, was almost immediately flooded, of course, but here was the gist:

We are looking for 500 fans to be a part of a Special NBC New Year’s Eve taping featuring Performances by LIL WAYNE & NICKI MINAJ!

But alas, it’s down again, and this looks like a bust. Sorry, Internet. You will recall, though, that Wayne recently got out of prison; you will further recall that he wound up there due to the pot-smoking aftermath of his 2007 show here at the Beacon Theatre. (You will maybe not immediately recall that Ja Rule got arrested that night, too, and just today got two years in jail for his troubles.) His hesitance to play here again is certainly understandable. We all eagerly await Wayne’s next Tweet, wherein maybe this show will be back on again.