Mark Madoff Death Ruled Suicide; No Presidential Run for Mike Bloomberg; Walmart Really Wants to Be a New Yorker


• The death of Bernie Madoff’s son Mark was officially ruled a suicide on Sunday. He had been found hanging “from a dog collar attached to a pipe” in the ceiling of his Soho apartment on Saturday morning (on the 2-year anniversary of his father’s arrest) by his father in law as his 2-year-old son slept nearby. Lawyers say that the suicide will not stop legal proceedings against Mark or his family. [NY1, ABC]

• Related: via the New York Post, Ruth Madoff blames Bernie for Mark’s suicide. The Post also recounts 3 other suicides “attributed” to Bernie. [NYP]

• Mike Bloomberg will really, really, really not run for president. On Meet the Press on Sunday he told David Gregory “No way, no how.” [NYT]

• A poll recently conducted by Douglas Schoen for Walmart found that 71 percent (of 1000) New Yorkers were actually cool with having a Walmart in New York City. 63 percent said okay to having it in their neighborhood; 34 percent opposed. Meanwhile, Walmart has hired Mayor Bloomberg’s former campaign manager to help lobby for New York residency. [NYP, Daily Finance]

• Residents on Suffolk Street are trying to enforce poop-free sidewalks, the nice way. [BoweryBoogie]

• Have you gotten your Christmas tree yet? A guide to Park Slope evergreenage. [FIPS]

• The Lower East Side fights rats. [DNAInfo]