Michael Dion, Man Trapped Between Platform and 4 Train: Subway Horror Story of the Week


The MTA is having a bad time of it. Competing for subway horror story of the week (and it’s only Monday), along with the alleged stabber-jumper situation and a potential Chelsea subway rapist, we have Michael Dion, a New York actor, who faced one of our greatest commuter nightmares this weekend. The New York Post published the truly scarring images of his entrapment after falling into the Union Square station track and getting stuck between the moving extending platform and the 4 train itself.

Dion’s fellow passengers tried to help him out by wedging a box between the platform and train, but their efforts were to no avail. He was caught there for 30 minutes, suffering in pain, until he could be extricated. Dion is now in surgical intensive care at Bellevue.

The Post said:

The one transit worker at the scene said it took about 20 minutes before a contractor arrived and was able to climb into a platform manhole to work on the extender’s hydraulics. After about 10 more minutes, he removed a tube from the device, releasing air pressure so the victim could be freed by cops, sources said.

This should serve as a reminder to all New Yorkers to be careful when riding the subway. That whole “don’t lean” into the track thing is no joke. Remember the poor guy who got his face smacked by a train?

Dion, our thoughts are with you.