Santacon 2010: Never Forget, Assuming You Can Remember in the First Place


A bunch of drunken people dressed as Santas (some slutty; some positively Victorian, ankles covered and all) roamed New York City over the weekend, wreaking havoc, puking, and generally creating a holiday-esque vibe, or something, all day Saturday for 2010’s Santacon. Here is what remains.

Thanks for the memories, and until next year. Want a slightly Less-Safe-for-Work look at the weekend in Santa? EV Grieve has this. Also amusing is Jeremiah’s “Santaconfrontation”:

Doofus: What are you, Ebenezer Scrooge?

New Yorker: Yes, I am.

A commenter there makes the point that some Santas were apparently quite well-behaved.

I asked a lovely Santacon parking her bike by the library if the”drunkeness” was all to Santacon? She responded NO!!She said “this Santacon is bring a book back to the library so it will not be late” Good Santacon.