Vladimir Putin Goes Viral With Epic Rendition of “Blueberry Hill”


Vladimir Putin sang the 1950’s classic “Blueberry Hill” at a recent charity gala in front of a cheering Goldie Hawn and Mickey Rourke. This isn’t some weird fan-fiction story; this actually happened in real life. The hostess at the event apparently just walked up to him and asked him to get on stage, no doubt without realizing she’d be helping to create a viral Internet smash.

In the description for the video, Russian TV says:

When the hostess approached Putin’s table and asked him to sing for the audience, his immediate reaction was “are you kidding me?” But the hostess was determined to get the prime minister on the mic and reminded him about the songs he sang with the Russian sleeper agents extradited from the US last summer. Putin attempted to evade the proposal by saying that the singing she was referring to had come from the heart. However, after seeing the pictures of ill children shown to the audience on the big screen, he took to the stage. “Like the majority of people I cannot — but do like to sing and to play — so you’ll have to rough it.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about Putin’s vocal chops, of course. The hostess referenced Putin’s patriotic performance to the deported Russian spies (remember sexy Anna Chapman!?) from this summer. He sang, “From What the Homeland Starts,” an old communist song, which he also performed at this charity benefit after “Blueberry Hill.”

Here’s another video of our dear Russian songbird making melodies happen with some school children: