Chinatown Cake Club Is on ‘Extra-Long Hiatus,’ But Is Available in Cookbook Form


Last December, we were lucky enough to attend the very first meeting of the Chinatown Cake Club, a monthly dessert salon that pastry chef Victoria Howe hosted in her agreeably cramped Chinatown apartment. We liked what we ate, and looked forward to the invitations that Howe subsequently sent out, until one day they abruptly stopped coming.

The reason, as we found out last night via an email from Howe, is that the Cake Club is on an “extra-long hiatus” owing to the chef’s move from her apartment to “an isolated boating community where my kitchen consists of a hot plate and percolator.” Odd, but kind of neat, at least given our own intermittent fantasies of one day jettisoning our own earthbound dwelling in favor of a more floaty one.

That development, of course, is not as neat to fans of Howe’s baked goods, but there’s a modicum of good news for them, too: Not only does Howe write that she may “soon” find a “better venue” for the club, but she’s also collected 20 of her Cake Club recipes into the Chinatown Cake Club Recipebook, an “easy to use cookbook-fanzine of sorts.” It’s available for $12 through Heraklia Press, just in time for the gifting season.