Das Racist Are Now Officially Banned In the U.K.


At least, they were detained in and then deported from that country yesterday, due to “some sticklerism on the part of UK Customs regarding paperwork.” Or was it because of their radical political views and brown skin?! The trio has been out in first China and then, after a brief respite, Europe, which is why your Twitter feed has been relatively quiet lately. Honestly sounds like it was going great until they ran into British customs, who apparently held the rap group for a ten hours “in a room with books, prayer rug and compass, television and remote, and these horrible sandwiches (cheese and onion, egg and cress, etc.).” Racial profiling seems evident:

We were there with two Iranian men, a Brazilian woman who spoke only Arabic and an Indian man with a student visa who couldn’t speak a lick of English. Our people!

They even have the not-so-hilarious paperwork to prove it:

But otherwise seems like a pretty triumphant trip, if this adulatory documentary from DR’s time in Amsterdam is anything to go on.

Lest you were worried about their present condition, dudes are chilling in Switzerland right now, while a beautiful light snow falls. We should all be so lucky, minus the ten hours in a room with only cheese and onion sandwiches for sustenance.