Diddy Is A Legend In Both Ibiza and the Franklin Avenue 4 Train Station


Rejoice New York, Diddy’s long, long, long-awaited Last Train To Paris is finally out today, after three years in the making and some of the most pleasurable pre-album explicating known to man. The record, see, is about the woman of his dreams, except after a one-night stand, he fails to get her name. They eventually reunite, then tragically split again, the result of a misunderstanding. Finally: “One night in London, I get offstage at 9:45pm and I hear that she’s in Paris. It’s one of the foggiest nights, so I can’t take my plane, I can’t drive. The only way I can get to her is the last train to Paris…” BOOM! The record was reportedly inspired Felix da Housecat and all sorts of other delightful Eurohouse cheese (these influences are less audible then maybe you’d like them to be on the actual record) which, as Diddy tells Vulture’s Amos Barshad in a late breaking contender for interview of the week/month/year, the rapper producer discovered at Ibiza’s legendary club DC10:

Do you remember the first time you were at DC-10 and who you were with?
It was Felix da Housecat and Nelle Hooper, the producer of U2, No Doubt, all of that. We were on holiday and they said that they wanted to show me this club. It starts at two in the afternoon. So we went there and my mind was blown. [Stayed until] pretty much, yeah, the next day. And then we went to Space and then back to the house, our regular Ibiza routine.

As I understand it, a big part of Ibiza is the recreational drug use. Did you partake in that?
Ibiza’s like Vegas: What happens in Ibiza stays in Ibiza. But I have experienced Ibiza to the fullest. I definitely experienced Ibiza to its fullest. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a legend in Ibiza. I’m actually a legend in Ibiza. I’m not exaggerating. I’m actually a legend. You can read between the lines.

As it happens, Diddy is also something of a legend at the Franklin Avenue stop on the 4 train, where Twitter user HolleyMonelle alertly snapped a photo yesterday morning of these two men being humiliated in the service of a Last Train to Paris cutout:

And don’t forget this video of Diddy just accosting random passerby on the streets of New York:

Watch to end to catch him dancing with a handful of money and an ice cream cone, chanting “SWAG SWAG SWAG.” Lil B wishes he could be this.

Diddy on Last Train to Paris, Drugs, Love, Ghostwriters, and Shyne’s Rabbinical Status [Vulture]