Download: Coasting, “Same Old Same Old”


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The last time we checked in with Brooklyn’s cheery, shambolic, noise-fucked surfcore kiwi-punks Coasting they were new, they were nervous, and they were recording their songs on a laptop plopped on a couch. Since then they’ve released a wealth of well-received cassettes and 7″s, drummer Fiona Campbell has become a fulltime Vivian Girl and–well, some things never change. Their brand new 7″ (out via M’ladys) is as lo-fi as ever, featuring fabulous a-side, “Same Old Same Old.” The track is a cheery blowout where “Wipeout” meets the Ronettes under Reverb Boardwalk. But the disc’s real charm comes when you turn out the lights–the record glows in the dark! “United in Nashville had just finished making that weird Triple Decker record for the Dead Weather–you know the one with the 7″ inside the 12″? And they had all this glow in the dark compound left over from that,” says drummer Fiona Campbell. “Good timing I guess, and lucky for us, it’s so pretty! It’s this mint green, and the paper stock for the art work is sheer so you can see it even when it’s in the sleeve. It lights up the artwork.”

Download: Coasting, “Same Old Same Old”

Q&A: Coasting Drummer Fiona Campbell

What is “Same Old Same Old” about?

It’s about a person I used to play music with, who was a brilliant songwriter and had so much to say, yet few people got to see it because they were so destructive. It would upset and frustrate me so much because they were so difficult to work with and very unapproachable. A lot of people could not see past that and never really looked at her work for what it was or took it seriously. “Same Old, Same Old” is the expected response in New Zealand when people ask you what you have been up to when you know they really don’t care about the answer. This song is about how sad it is to dumb down and brush aside important expressions and how excited I am to be free from that now.

What inspired it lyrically?

This is the first song I tried my hand at thinking of melodies for a whole song, I was thinking about the band the Amps a lot.

What inspired it musically?

We wrote the music together, actually it was Madison’s idea to have the first bit just with drums and me singing, which still makes me shit myself sometimes, but I like the challenge to get over that. We don’t coddle each other. If it’s agreed that if only we could get this idea in our heads out the way we want, its worth pursuing.

The last time you talked to YIMBY, you were recording songs on a computer on the couch. Have things changed?

Nope, still doing that. But it’s for practice, to help remember mostly. We are really excited about recording for a full length next year with Adam Lasus who recorded, among many many many others, Helium and Yo La Tengo. We are recording at his house in L.A. on the way back from New Zealand.

How has being in other bands affected the dynamic of Coasting in 2010?

Since Coasting began Madison also played in Dream Diary, but this year I also joined Vivian Girls. I think over all its been great, and it has really driven home that playing music is all I want to do for the rest of my life. I’m very grateful that we got to have a good six months just chillin’ in the basement just the two of us though, so we could get up confidence and direction as musicians individually and together, it gave me a solid base to work from in any band. We strive to balance things, and I’m very lucky I have understanding and encouraging bandmates. Cassie from Vivs plays in the band Babies as well as having her own solo project, and Katy is on tour right now with La Sera and is all in All Saints day too. Coasting works on a system of “no rules”–not “anything goes.” We are structured but we don’t feel like we have to pressure ourselves into certain time frames or industry rules. Its not the norm to release four 7″s and a tape before doing a full length, but we are just taking it one step at a time, figuring out what we want to do, rather than doing what is prescribed.

Coasting plays Death By Audio with Reading Rainbow on December 18

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