Hanson Dry Brings ’50s Chic to Fulton Street


As yet more proof that Clinton Hill is the new Prospect Heights — whatever that means — Hanson Dry has finally opened its doors after a few false starts. The bar, located on Fulton Street a few doors down from the months-old Beny’s Delice and a newish Subway, is beautiful. Done up in a mid-century modern style, with a sizable backyard (these days occupied solely by smokers), it exudes a quiet sophistication, even when overrun with Pratt students on a Friday night.

Billing itself as a cocktail bar, like so many bars these days, Hanson Dry has a menu of signature drinks, all priced at $9. Perhaps in an effort to cater to aforementioned Pratt students, these err on the sweet side, such as the Tux, pictured above: If you’re wondering why it’s so brilliantly scarlet, it’s due to about half an ounce of grenadine coating the glass. So, while you can imagine Don Draper bellying up to the bar to order a cocktail, you can’t quite picture it being a Kiev Kooler (described on the menu as “Vodka. Cherry. Kaboom.”) or a Hayterade (“Rum. Sweet. Punchy.”). Craft beers, wines by the glass, and a decent spirits selection mean there’s no shortage of alternatives. In any case, local tipplers are finding fewer and fewer reasons to leave the neighborhood.

Hanson Dry
925 Fulton Street, Brooklyn

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