Julian Assange Granted Bail; Remains in Jail After Appeal Filed (UPDATED)


Julian Assange has been granted bail on $315K, reports ABC News, by a judge in Britain today — though he’s being held briefly pending possible appeal, which Swedish authorities have two hours to file. UPDATED: Swedish prosecuters did file an appeal, which means Assange will remain in jail for 48 more hours, until the next hearing, via CNN.

So…no checking that OKCupid profile for new responses just yet. If, ultimately, Assange is freed, he’ll have to surrender his passport and stay at a friend’s house in the UK with an electronic tag to confirm he remains there overnight. (CNN reports that Vaughan Smith, a former British army officer who founded London’s Frontline Club, has offered his mansion in Suffolk as a place to stay.)

Assange had been held since last week in solitary confinement, apparently for his protection, on sexual assault charges (he denies any wrongdoing and will fight extradition, according to his lawyer). Supporters, including documentary filmmaker Michael Moore, have offered money to go to Assange’s bail.

[via ABC, Palm Beach Post]