Richard Holbrooke Dies; Bernie Madoff Won’t Attend Son’s Funeral; Golden Globe Noms Out


Richard Holbrooke, Obama’s special envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan, died last night at the age of 69 after spending the weekend at George Washington University Hospital in D.C. in critical condition following emergency surgery for a torn aorta. Holbrooke’s career encompassed a half-century under presidents from John F. Kennedy to Barack Obama, in conflicts ranging from Vietnam and the Balkans to battling Al-Qaeda.

Foreign Policy, where Holbrooke was once an editor, writes, “He’s probably one of the few State Department figures to play a starring role in both the Pentagon Papers and the WikiLeaks documents.” His last words, reportedly, were “You’ve got to stop this war in Afghanistan.” [TNR, CNN, FP]

Bernie Madoff won’t attend the funeral of his son, Mark, who committed suicide over the weekend, but will have a “private service” from prison in North Carolina “out of consideration for his family,” says his lawyer. Mark Madoff’s body remained in the morgue in New York City as of last night. [WSJ]

• The family of Michael Dion, the poor man caught between the train and the moving platform at Union Square on Friday night, really can’t figure out how that happened. The New York Post calls Dion “a seasoned subway rider.” He is still in serious condition at Bellevue. [NYP]

• Four bodies were uncovered on a beach in Long Island yesterday as police searched for missing New Jersey woman, 24-year-old Shonnan Gilbert, who apparently was a prostitute who’d arranged to meet a client on Fire Island, a mile from Oak Beach, where the bodies were found. One of the bodies was female; police continue to investigate. [CBS]

• A new teacher tenure policy is going into effect for New York City teachers. [NY1]

• The Golden Globe noms have been announced. For Best Picture, Drama, you’ve got Black Swan, The Fighter, Inception, The King’s Speech, and The Social Network. Weirdest thing perhaps is Johnny Depp’s double nomination for Best Actor, Comedy, for both Alice in Wonderland and The Tourist. Or maybe it’s that nomination for Burlesque for Best Picture, Comedy/Musical? Let the betters place their bets. [NYMag Vulture]