Ruby’s Will Hold ‘HUGE’ New Year’s Day Protest


Although the future of Ruby’s Bar & Grill is in peril, the Coney Island bar isn’t abandoning its place on the boardwalk without a fight.

In addition to its ongoing legal battle against Zamperla, the developers planning to destroy refashion the boardwalk in their own horrifically bland image, the 76-year-old bar is holding what its Facebook page calls a “HUGE” New Year’s Day protest, which will coincide with the annual Coney Island Polar Bear Swim. Per Gothamist, Ruby’s will open at 10:30 a.m. for the event, which will do double duty as a demonstration to “save Coney Island.” Ruby’s is also urging the public to write letters to Mayor Bloomberg in support of the bar and the other members of the Coney Island 8.

Meanwhile, both Amusing the Zillion and the Post have discovered that Zamperla is literally planning to make Coney Island eat shit: The company has signed a contract with Sodexo, the French food giant, to operate one of the restaurants it is planning for the boardwalk.

Aside from supplying institutions from schools to prisons with Coke, Dippin’ Dots, and mystery meat, the corporation keeps busy paying out legal settlements to those who have accused it of everything from race discrimination to overcharging New York school districts. So while Zamperla may be intent on obliterating the boardwalk, it seems like it will be carrying on its freak-show tradition.