Was Oak Beach, Long Island, a Serial Killer’s Dumping Ground for Murdered Hookers?


Cops continue to investigate the discovery of three bodies and a “set of skeletal remains” found on a stretch of road along Oak Beach in Long Island, dumped out of a car by someone authorities suspect may be a serial killer. As we mentioned earlier, the bodies were found during a search for missing New Jersey girl Shonnan Gilbert, 24, who worked as a prostitute and had used Craigslist to advertise services and organize a meeting with a client on Fire Island, near Oak Beach.

“Common sense tells us it’s not a coincidence,” said Detective Lt. Gerard Pelkofsky to Newsday.

The bodies, at varying stages of decomposition indicating different times of being dumped over the last year and a half, are currently unidentified, although one may be Gilbert’s. Via the New York Post, two are female, which has cops now investigating the disappearance of hookers as they also continue to search for more bodies. “This is a desolate area here — it may be a dumping ground,” Suffolk County Police Commissioner Richard Dormer told the Post.

We hope cops find this dude (assuming he’s a dude) soon. Related: We really miss Law and Order. They could have done a lot with this.

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