Bodies Found on Oak Beach, Long Island, Identified as Women; Police Consider Craigslist Serial Killer


Cops have identified the four bodies found on Oak Beach, Long Island, as women, and the FBI has been called in to help with the investigation, reports the New York Post. It’s suspected that a serial killer may have dumped the bodies along Ocean Parkway after meeting prostitutes on Craigslist, luring them to the area, and murdering them. Police currently believe there are no more bodies in the area.

It’s still unclear whether Shonnan Gilbert, who worked as a prostitute via Craigslist, and for whom police were searching when they uncovered the bodies, is among them. The mother of Megan Waterman, a 22-year-old Maine woman who also worked as a Craigslist escort and who has been missing since May of last year, has come forward to say that her daughter may be one of those found.

Via the Post,

Waterman’s mother, Lorraine Ela, told The Associated Press today that a Scarborough detective told her he was “leaning toward one of the four victims being Megan, but he’s not 100 percent guaranteed.”

Meanwhile, Gilbert’s relatives told the Post that cops know the name of the john Shonnan was last with, and that “he lives near the stretch of Ocean Parkway in Gilgo Beach where the bodies were found on Saturday and Monday.”

The john has apparently stuck to a story of Gilbert becoming agitated at his house and then fleeing, after which he never saw her again. A neighbor tells the story of a girl resembling Gilbert banging on his door in the middle of the night yelling, “Help me!” but taking off when he let her in and said he was calling the police. Another neighbor said he’d seen her “in a panic” and that they “thought she was on drugs.”

Results of DNA tests to identify the bodies could take weeks.