East Village Dog Owners Have Become Knife-Wielding Vigilantes


A rash of pit bull attacks on both dogs and humans at Tompkins Square Park has forced some East Village dog owners to take matters into their own hands, carrying “knives and other weapons” when they visit the dog run now, reports DNA Info. “Other weapons” include a varied assortment of possible counterattack tools in dog-human warfare, including metal rods, knives, hammers, and even a billy club.

According to DNA Info,

John Juback, 62, an actor who lives in the East Village, has taken to carrying a serrated kitchen knife when he walks his dog, Jesse, a foxhound terrier mix, after he and his pet were attacked by a pit bull in Tompkins Square Dog Run on Oct. 27.

“Now, whenever I walk Jesse, I have a kitchen knife in my pocket,” said Juback.

Humans walking around with knives in their pockets. Nothing bad could happen there, right? But there’s more…

Garrett Rosso, 52, a member of Friends of First Run, said he knows of over a dozen people who have been carrying knives or hammers following the recent attacks.

“I heard two reasonable people discussing picking up a shovel and bringing it down on a dog’s neck like this,” said Rosso, who grabbed one of the metal pooper-scooper shovels kept inside the dog run to illustrate.

We’ve all heard murmurings that the East Village might be returning to a semblance of its gritty roots, but we had no idea the common enemy would be pit bulls. Dogs, humans: Can’t we figure out some way to live together that doesn’t include concealed weaponry…or biting?

A Parks Department spokesman said there have been meetings with the NYPD and community groups to discuss the issue, and that patrol officers and undercover units are monitoring the area.