Food Truck Discrimination on the Upper East Side?


There’s a rumble in the streets of the Upper East Side, and residents are saying they don’t want any food trucks in their ‘hood.

Illegal parking of the trucks is residents’ biggest concern, and City Councilwoman Jessica Lappin is seeking legislation that will revoke food trucks’ licenses after three parking violations. Lappin has been waging her battle for a while now, but DNAinfo is reporting that things have gotten so bad that Patty’s Taco Truck was ousted from the neighborhood following a series of parking violations and is now doing business across the park at the corner of 118th and Broadway. Still, some food trucks, like Yvonne’s Jamaican Food Truck, remain.

It’s not like the Upper East Side is a culinary mecca to begin with, and this won’t make the dining situation better up there. Sure, it might be slightly annoying if you’re looking for parking and a truck is in the way, but isn’t that the purpose of a garage? Or is the bigger issue that cheap tacos just aren’t welcome in the land of crustless white bread?