The noir textures and bitter chills of Wu-Tang Clan have been a winter headphone-earmuff staple in New York for nearly two decades—but their live show remains a high-energy sweatbox, and the best excuse to get in from the cold. Thankfully, the eight-man crew (R.I.P., Ol’ Dirty) has apparently patched up the complex internal beefs that were dividing their ranks, and their summer appearance at the Rock the Bells festival featured the entire crew as united as ever—performing as a group of eight old buddies instead of the divided, incomplete, fur-covered rock stars who graced the Hammerstein Ballroom in 2008. As for all the other burning questions—how is Ghostface’s Apollo Kids LP? Is Redman really joining the group full time? Will O.D.B.’s first-born son still be doing his bang-up job replacing the unpredictable legend? Head to Times Square (you know, the neighborhood where RZA used to watch all those kung-fu movies) and find out!

Wed., Dec. 29, 9 p.m., 2010