NYC Nomad, Who Says He’s Not a Hipster, Lives New York One Hood at a Time


The NYC Nomad, who was totally at our Web Awards last week, is starting to achieve a certain Internet fame, as evidenced by a recent piece on him in the New York Times. Ed Casabian, the nomad’s real name, is a financial analyst for during the day who goes home from work to a new house every week. He’s lived in three boroughs — all except Staten Island and the Bronx, though visits are planned — and doesn’t think he’ll end his journey any time soon. “The goal is a year,” he told us. “That could be defined by 52 weeks (which would end in May).”

The journey for him started after a breakup with a girlfriend. Casabian told the Times, “I was pretty depressed over it and riding my bike around Central Park — it was a Sunday afternoon — and I was trying to figure out what I was going to do. And thinking about the happiest times of my life, it was when I was traveling, exploring and meeting people. Couldn’t I just travel in my own city?””

Gothamist and Curbed have both branded Casabian a “hipster,” but he refutes that claim. He told us, “I think hipster is probably the last way someone would describe me! I played college football and used to live in Morningside Heights.” Case closed.

His planned visits for the upcoming month include Park Slope, East Williamsburg, and Bridgewater.

Casabian told us that he’d most like to stay in the West Village. Since the Times article, he has gotten some interesting offers. He said, “the best offer I received (which I need to follow up on) is a week on a ship in Red Hook. That one is really exciting. And many people have contacted me who are outside of the demographic that has been typical.” Possible outer-NYC locations that have been offered to the Nomad include Atlanta, Park City, and even some international cities like Madrid, London, and Sydney.

There’s a video of what Colin, the guy he stayed with on the Lower East Side, had to say about his visit. Seems like they had a great time — after seeing this we’re tempted to let him stay in Foster’s old cubicle for a week.