Otarian’s Bleecker Street Location Is Closed ‘Due to Water Problems’


Can it be that only eight months after its inception, the Bleecker Street outpost of Otarian, the fast-food restaurant peddling vegetarian cuisine and guilt, is closed?

According to the Australia-based chain’s website, a photo from Eater, and a worker we spoke with at Otarian’s Eighth Avenue location, that appears to be the case.

While the Otarian site says that the location is “closed until further notice due to water problems,” the photo says that all of its furniture and wall hangings have been cleared out. And according to the worker we spoke with, it doesn’t seem likely that the place will reopen any time soon, if ever, though the worker assured us “they’ll be opening other locations.” In the meantime, you can still go to Eighth Avenue for tandoori wraps and methane gas statistics.