Red Rooster’s Infused Bourbon Lineup


Bourbon infusions aren’t new to the cocktail game, and it’s true that there won’t be an infusion of greater genius than the bacon one created a while back at PDT. Still, though, the selection that will be offered at Red Rooster (310 Lenox Avenue, 212-792-9001) looks mighty enticing.

As the menu illustrates, the infusions will all be made using Bulleit bourbon and will include the following varieties: Ginger, Green Tea & Chamomile Flower, Cinnamon, Roasted Fig & Pears, Nutmeg, Maple-Peanut, Wild Hibiscus & Lemongrass, and Cocoa Nib & Vanilla Bean.

But since the restaurant won’t open for a few more days, why not try making an infusion at home? Grab your favorite flavorings (cardamom, apricot, coffee beans, orange peel, almonds, and sour cherries are a few easy ideas), toss them in with your favorite bourbon, and refrigerate for about a week (fruits should be closer to three days, while spices and dry flavorings can go longer). Try making an eggnog with infused bourbon — getting drunk never tasted so good.