With an all-star lineup of old school legends, this reunion of sorts is the biggest day for Long Island hip-hop since Strictly met Business. The entire class of 1991 will be in effect, leading with the bratty, spitball-blowing Leaders of the New School playing their first show together in 15 years. The group is best known for spawning some guy named Busta Rhymes (who isn’t expected to show up, but don’t count it out either), but real hip-hop heads know that Dinco D, Charlie Brown, and Cut Monitor Milo had the pioneering, spastic, high-energy vibe of detention angst and breakfast cereal sugar highs. Also playing their first full set in forever is recently reanimated Son of Bazerk featuring No Self Control, Public Enemy protégées who mixed Brown/Byrd soul-spasms with noise-fucked hip-hop clatter. And for anyone who seriously clocked some Yo! MTV Raps time in the early ’90s, rejoice for the re-emergence of the deftly hard-but-smooth Grand Daddy I.U. (“Something New”), golden-year cult favorite Sugar Bear (“Don’t Scandalize Mine”), and S.I.D. of the RAL/Columbia-signed Sid and B-Tonn (“Deathwish”).

Thu., Dec. 23, 9 p.m., 2010