This Week in the Voice


In this week’s issue of the Voice, Steven Thrasher takes on the supposed racial discrimination of the New York City “6019” firefighter’s exam. Black candidates have passed the test with flying colors and yet have been prevented from joining the FDNY after the test was deemed racist by federal courts. Find out why the test has been called racist, and what the city has done in its attempt to counter the controversy.

In a Brooklyn high school last week, survivors of the atomic bomb told their stories to a group of teens. Tom Robbins recounts their powerful tales, and the reactions of the students.

Robert Sietsema ventures up to the great French north (brrrr!) to uncover the connection between Montreal and New York food and see what’s in store for us post-poutine.

Diddy (or Diddy-Dirty Money) has a new album, Last Train to Paris. Brandon Soderberg gives the dirt.

How head-trippy, exactly, is Tron: Legacy, in 3-D? J. Hoberman will tell you. (Our new favorite two-word phrase: “intermittently stupendiferous.”)

If you’re still looking for a Christmas gift for that special fanboy in your life, check R.C. Baker‘s compilation of 2010’s best comics and graphic novels.

Michael Feingold reviews George L. Aiken’s 1853 stage version of Harriet Beecher Stowe’s novel, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, performed (in 2010) at the Metropolitan Playhouse.

Meanwhile, Alexis Soloski gives a taste of a performance piece “about alien lizards taking over the planet.”

And…you might just survive New Year’s Eve yet — if you follow J. Robert Ziegler‘s guide.

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