Damien Brassel No Longer Cooking Knife + Fork Meals at Percy’s Tavern; Harris Mayer-Selinger Adds More Peru to Bar Paya


Chef Damien Brassel of now-defunct Knife + Fork will no longer be doing Knife + Fork dinners out of Percy’s Tavern.

Top Chef
alum Cynthia Sestito will be cooking a special Italian holiday menu at Café Napoli in Little Italy on Saturday.
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David Chang has been active on the Twitter lately, sparring with wine Tweeter @AYduhFOYluh over “what milk bar has become.”
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Various staffers have left Corton for Ai Fiori, including restaurant director Susan Lee. The reservationist and two of the restaurant’s three captains are rumored to also be leaving.

Todd English is on track to keep up his clip of opening one restaurant per season: He’s planning a new place in the Limelight Marketplace, called Cross Bar, for January.

Harris Mayer-Selinger is the new chef at Bar Paya, and, following some time spent in Peru, he has re-Peruvianized the menu.
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