Facebook Crashes Site With Test of Profile Update, New “Memories” Feature


Facebook went down a little while ago (it seems to have been restored) due to a test of a massive update to the site, Mashable and numerous Twitterers are now reporting. All profiles will ultimately be updated to the new version with the row of pictures on top. Of course, there are a bunch of other new features that everyone will hate until they get used to them, and then complain about when they’re changed.

One of the greatest stalker-esque features is an expansion of the Photo Memories feature, now just called Memories. On a profile’s memories page — the link to it is beneath the profile picture — one can see that person’s Facebook history. It’s truly a way to know everything about a person that Facebook could tell you about them. There are different tabs according to years. In each year, Facebook has collected the most popular statuses a user created that year, along with all photos tagged, and friends made in that year. All of these things were obviously there before, but it’s never been this easy to see it all in one place.

Everyone will also get the multi-photo display next to the default image (it’s being turned into art by some), which is probably the most noticeable change to the new Facebook. Look for it on your own page soon!