Julian Assange Is Granted Bail; Nicholas Brooks in Court; TSA Choirs Perform for Travelers


• WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been granted bail in London after the courts rejected Swedish prosecutors’ appeal. He’ll stay at the 10-bedroom Suffolk mansion (on a 650-acre estate) of his friend Vaughn Smith, who founded the Frontline journalists’ club. [CNN, NYT]

• Nicholas Brooks, ex-boyfriend of Sylvie Cachay, who was recently found dead in a bathtub at the Soho House, will be in court today for possible indictment for murder in her death. [NYP]

• Pedro Espada Jr. and his son, Pedro Gautier Espada, have pleaded not guilty to embezzling some half million dollars in federal money from the Bronx healthcare network Espada founded. [NYT]

Michael Vick would like another dog. [NYDN]

• Billy Leroy is still trying to get his subway signs back. [Bowery Boogie/NYT]

• There was another East Village fire this morning, this time at an apartment building on First between First and Second Avenues. Apparently everyone got out safely. [EV Grieve]

• If you happen to be traveling through LAX or Austin, Texas, you may get your TSA pat-down set to music. There are TSA choirs in both of those airports that perform for fliers as they wait. Hopefully not like the video below. [Pat’s Papers]

[via Next Media Animation]