Long Island Serial Killer Weighs in on Other Possible Long Island Serial Killer, and Other Updates


Suffolk County police are still are still looking into the four bodies they found near Oak Beach this week. Some new details — and theories — surrounding the case have already begun to emerge. The FBI is now involved, and the Daily News, hot on the scandal’s trail, talked to a serial killer, ahem, expert. More, after the jump.

• The FBI’s New York field office “offered assistance” on the case yesterday. Agents met  with police and county officials to “map a plan for what promises to be a complicated investigation.” [Newsday]
• Theories that it might be the work of a serial killer are running rampant, especially now that police have identified all four remains as women. So the Daily News interviewed a Staten Long Island serial killer who killed 17 prostitutes in four years to get his insight: “Rifkin, 51, said cops looking for the Oak Beach killer should probably focus on white men, aged 18 to 45, but acknowledged the magnitude of that challenge. ‘That’s like half the country,’ he said.” He also said the killer should’ve spread the bodies out better: “I dumped them hundreds of miles apart.” [NYDN]
• Police and FBI agents “swarmed” a Long Island man’s home, who they think was last seen with missing Jersey City, N.J. prostitute Shannan Gilbert. They were searching for the missing girl when they came upon the other remains.  [NYP]
• Police are launching another search today for more bodies. “We wouldn’t be out here if we didn’t think there was a chance something would turn up,” one cop told the Daily News. The NYC medical examiner is also helping identify the current set of remains, and one body has reportedly “already been shipped into Manhattan.” [NYDN]
• Police in New Jersey’s Atlantic County say the Oak Beach discovery reminds them of their own beachside serial killer dumping ground when they found four women dead in November of 2006. [SNT]
• The New York Times, meanwhile, takes a more CSI-approach and talks to forensic experts, looking at how investigators might try to string together the victims and solve the Suffolk County serial killer case. [NYT]
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