New Study Shows That Food & Wine Really Don’t Mix; Ex-Google Chefs Start Catering Biz


Steve Cuozzo offers advice on how to survive dining out during the holidays: For one, do not drive into Manhattan. Hear that, Jersey?
[NY Post]

The Center for Science in the Public Interest, a consumer group, is suing McDonald’s for using toys to market Happy Meals to young children.

As of next year, labor law changes to the hospitality industry will include a minimum-wage increase to $5 from $4.65 for tipped food-service employees.
[Wall Street Journal]

Just in time for the holidays, a new study reveals that drinking alcohol with a rich and fatty meal causes food to linger in the stomach longer, slowing digestion.

The Google cafeteria is renowned for great food. Now, two ex-Google chefs are launching their own catering company in San Francisco aimed at hot start-ups.
[Wall Street Journal]

Paula Boggs, a Starbucks executive, has been appointed by President Obama to serve on the newly formed White House Council for Community Solutions.
[Nation’s Restaurant News]