The Counter Will Hit Times Square on Monday


New York may still be nowhere near getting an In-N-Out, but, thanks to the Counter, we are getting a helping of California-bred patties. Per A Hamburger Today, the L.A.-based build-your-own-burger chain is opening its first New York location this coming Monday at Broadway and 41st Street.

The Counter has tried to differentiate itself with a “build your own burger” concept, as well as slightly off-putting-sounding options like “burgers in a bowl.” The question, of course, is whether anybody will care: After all, the Times Square area isn’t exactly suffering a dearth of ground meat, thanks to the likes of Five Napkin, Five Guys, Bill’s Bar and Burger, and a host of non-chain restaurants that happen to have decent burgers on their menus.

AHT commenters (or at least the two who cared enough to say anything) don’t seem particularly impressed: One noted the opening is a “non-event,” though did add that if In-N-Out were opening in the same location, that would be a different story …