This Year’s Letters to Santa Kind of a Buzz Kill


We can blame the recession for a lot of things, but one of the lesser expected ramifications is that children are no longer writing their id-driven “ME ME ME!” missives requiring flat-screen plasmas and XBoxes and Shetland ponies from the man at the North Pole. Now, they’re asking for educational toys, practical winter clothes, and something to make mom happy as she goes through chemotherapy after breast surgery. (Not making this up — NPR has the letter, here.)

It is not a good sign when we can no longer rely on the kids of America to be selfish and greedy and festive. If there’s anything to test an adult’s faith in Santa Claus, it’s depressing letters like these. Kids, come on! Demand something unrealistic and impossibly expensive so we can laughhhhh.

Failing that, let’s read about rich people who pay interior designers to make their Christmases for them!