Anne Hathaway’s Visit to Staten Island Elementary School Is BEST DAY EVER


Anne Hathaway made a surprise appearance at PS 22 in Staten Island to tell the kids from the chorus that they’d been booked at the 83rd Academy Awards and would be flown to L.A. to perform in February, regardless of what their agents parents had to say about that. By all accounts, this was a joyous moment for all. Hathaway said, “I’m here to basically invite you guys,” and the screaming began. She’s used to that.

Via the New York Post,

“It was emotional mayhem. It was wonderful. It was chaos, but the most wonderful kind you could imagine,” said chorus director Greg Brynburg of Thursday’s announcement. “They just barreled into me and hugged me. … It was one of the most gratifying moments in my career.”

And then they all sang Christmas songs.

Whatever poor teacher had them in class after that was screwed.