Download The National’s Opening Set For Yo La Tengo At Maxwell’s


What they looked like, just for reference.

So the big whoop during this year’s slate of Yo La Tengo Hanukkah shows was the final night’s long-rumored opening set from the National, deigning to play a venue just ever so slightly smaller than what they’re used to these days. Even if you’re still way more into YLT, this is a sufficiently momentous occasion to consider consulting NYC Taper’s inevitable bootleg, no?

So here’s the full set, highlighted by a morosely triumphant “Bloodbuzz Ohio”; fans of frontman Matt Berninger’s bummed-out-court-jester antics will be heartened by all the tracks here marked “[Banter]”. NYC Taper’s got a few of Yo La Tengo’s sets, as well, if you remain unimpressed.

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