HarryHarrison (or Julian Assange?) Also Had Dating Accounts on AdultFriendFinder and PlentyofFish


So, yeah, Julian Assange probably had an OKCupid profile. Who doesn’t? But it’s since come to our attention that Julian Assange may well have been all over the place with regard to his online (and, for that matter, offline) dating. He — or, at least, alter-ego/handle HarryHarrison — seems to have been on AdultFriendFinder as recently as June of this year, and had a PlentyofFish account in his name until mid August.

Ryan Hunt, community manager for FriendFinder Networks, said that they “got curious,” after they saw Harrison’s OKCupid profile, followed by the PlentyofFish profile. So they went looking for their own “HarryHarrison from Melbourne” on FriendFinder. They found him — or, at least, someone purporting to be him.

A member since February 2006, “HarryHarrison” didn’t try that hard, however. No photo, and boilerplate for the profile information, though he did specify an interest in “Women for Discreet Relationship, 1-on-1 sex, Group sex (3 or more!) or Other ‘Alternative’ Activities.”

According to Hunt, “He actually didn’t make any connections. We don’t keep a history of who he searched for, and we purged our emails back in 2006 when storage was still an issue. To tell you the truth, it looks like he created an account in 2006, did a bunch of browsing, then fell off. What’s interesting is that he logged in again twice from London in June of 2010.”

As for why the “last visit” is registered as yesterday, Hunt says, “We logged in as him last night to check out and see if it was faked. That’s why I know when he first logged in and such. The fact the account was created at the same time as the others, with the same screen name, that’s what makes us feel confident it is real.”

Note that he lied about his birthday (which he did on OKCupid as well) — he’s actually 39.

Meanwhile, Assange’s PlentyofFish profile was closed for inactivity on August 17 — which is right around the time the sexual allegations against him all began. The URL below does belong to his former personal blog. Wide hips, eh?

Not the droid you’re looking for.
Physically and intellectually pugnacious; pig headed, absolutist, megalomanical, an extreme statisitcal outlier, a difficult character and a cad — and those are just my good points. to be further alienated.I seek a lovely co-conspirator, the passionate young daughter of a diplomat, with wide hips and a heart that can cradle sun. Together we will change the world, even if we have to wait until the second date.System Closed Account for inactivity Aug 17 2010 7:45AM Melbourne Victoria