Justice Near for Nearly Marinated Cat


Perhaps you recall the cat from Buffalo that this summer was put in a trunk after being basted in a tasty vinaigrette of “oil, crushed pepper, salt, and other ingredients.” When cops pulled over the cat’s owner, Gary Korkuc, for running a stop sign, they heard the greased-up feline meowing and saved it from an untimely and probably not-so-delicious demise (Korkuc admitted to police that his marinade “was in preparation for a meal”).

Bringing things full circle, Korkuc appeared in court today to face animal cruelty charges, which means justice for the cat formerly known as Navarro — who, after the incident, was cleaned up, found in good health, and has since been adopted and named Oliver.

According to Erie County SPCA spokeswoman Gina Browning, “We had a list of people who wanted to adopt this cat,” she said. Really, um, like, everybody wanted a piece of him.

Korkuc will be back in court on Wednesday.

[via Toronto Sun/Reuters]