The Week in Food Blogs: Failed Food Trends of 2010; Holiday Kitchen Gifts




This week in food blogs:

Eater listed its top 10 food trends that didn’t quite take off in 2010. Pizza cone, anyone?

Grub Street wondered just how Alan Richman managed to name Lincoln, which earned pretty blah reviews across the board, the best new restaurant of the year.

Serious Eats named its 10 best hot chocolates in the city, with whipped cream and house-made marshmallows on top.

Midtown Lunch wrote a love letter to Taïm, concluding that it might just be the best food truck in Midtown.

Atlantic Food revealed Corby Kummer’s top holiday kitchen gifts, including Portuguese flor de sal and his beloved Sodastream.

Zagat Buzz rounded up the 10 most teched-out restaurants around the world. It’s all bots and iPad menus.