There Are Now ‘Artisanal’, Organic Pop-Tarts


Well, it was only a matter of time. To the roster of beloved junk foods that have received the artisanal treatment (Twinkies, candy bars, beef jerky, Oreos, soft-serve, etc.), we can now add Pop-Tarts.

Per The Moment, Red Queen Tarts, a small, Atlanta-based company, is getting all “small-batch” on Kellogg’s ass, “[u]sing heirloom cold-milled whole wheat from North Carolina, seasonal produce and local butter” to fashion completely organic flavors like pumpkin, blueberry lemon curd, and cinnamon apple tatin. Although tarts are sold primarily on the Atlanta farmers’ market circuit, they can also be ordered via email.

While we’re hesitant to say these really qualify as Pop-Tarts, since they’re missing the requisite quota of unpronounceable ingredients that may cause sterility in lab rats, they do sound awfully good, and with any luck the summer will bring with it an inspired take on the Strawberry Milkshake.